Travelling Light II (2015)

fl/bs fl, cl/bs cl, as, sopr,  vn, vlc, pno, perc, gtr (7’30)
Premiered at Henie Onstad Art Center by Ensemble neoN, Dec 2015 

Version 2 (2018)
 fl/bs fl, ob, cl/bs cl, bsn, vn, vlc, pno, perc, gtr,
Premiered at KLANG festival (DK) by Oslo Sinfonietta, May 2018

Text by Jenny Hval:

The piece begins with flickering light. Kristine Tjøgersen’s Travelling Light II might take place inside a camera lens, continuously alternating its setting allowing shifting amounts of light enter the aperture. Still, I don’t think of light when I listen. Instead, I imagine one of the animated short films of Jan Svankmajer, where real human bodies turn into humanlike collages of scrap metal, vegetables, or plasticine. It’s beautiful and visceral. I flicker back and forth between my real and imagined body, living and dead tissue.