Silent Disco (2019)
For duo Hellqvist/Amaral

For amplified violin and piano, (8:30’)

Premiered at ECLAT Festival (DE) Feb. 2019. Funded by Norwegian Arts Council

In Silent Disco, musical gestures have been derived from dance movements. I am inspired by American disco culture from the 1970s, through the eye of the popular TV show Soul Train, the first to prominently feature African American musical acts and dancers.

The dancers’ unique styles and moves have been analysed and transcribed, and I have imagined the sound of the dancers’ movements, for instance steps and spins, when the original disco music has been taken away.

By transforming body movements into sound, I have created patterns and structures that sometimes are looped and sometimes zoomed into. The show featured couples dancing, strolling down the line; this is reflected in the roles of the two instruments, that are brought into different relations to each other as the piece evolves. By playing music that recreates the dancers’ movements, this also creates a subtle dance between the two instrumentalists on stage.